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The Rainbow Juice Cleanse is a revolutionary program that employs the nutritious, healing properties of a rainbow of vegetables to kick start weight loss and improve overall health. While most juicing books include recipes for high-sugar fruits, Dr. Ginger explains that most fruits can actually ruin a detox for people looking to lose weight or for anyone who has diabetes or blood sugar issues. Instead, Dr. Ginger shows you how to properly “shop the rainbow” of produce with a plan that entails consuming red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet fresh, raw, organic juices.

In just seven days, you will detoxify your bodies and lose up to seven pounds! Each day of the program focuses on a different color of the rainbow, ensuring the best possible nutrition profile and guaranteeing positive results. By “drinking the rainbow,” you will shed pounds and experience anti-aging, renewed energy, and a better, balanced body. Includes over 50 juice and food recipes and 20 tantalizing full-color photos.

The Rainbow Juice Cleanse is part of the detox component of Dr. Ginger's Fat Funeral Detox program. To learn more CLICK HERE

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The Program

This is a juice cleanse, a detox, a fast, but if you’ve never undertaken a cleanse before and it seems a bit daunting, three options are offered for you to choose from, based on your readiness:

The Two-Week Rainbow Warm-up

This option starts the taste-bud transition by introducing the Rainbow Cleanse juices, one each day, but allowing you to continue with much of your usual diet, although it is strongly recommended to start making positive changes toward a healthier diet. Someone using the Rainbow Warm-up phase may have a health challenge or just may not be ready to change all of their food habits at one time. You have the option here to transition slowly, at your own pace, making small changes over a period of time, with encouragement to start incorporating some of the Rainbow foods and recipes from option 2, The Rainbow Rev-Up, but always having one Rainbow Cleanse juice each day, as a snack or even- if you dare- as a meal replacement. You will gain knowledge and be encouraged to give up at least one bad habit a day as you slowly introduce the dietary color concept of the revolutionary Rainbow Juice Cleanse and start to crave more and more of the magical rainbow phytonutrients.

Orange pepper and cilantro dressing
Minty Mauve Cabbage Magic

The One-Week Rainbow Rev-up

This option speeds up the transition process a quite a bit by utilizing only the Rainbow Cleanse juices for the seven days in addition to the Rainbow Cleanse foods and recipes which are light, phytonutrient-rich and full of vibrant color. The Rainbow Cleanse foods and recipes allow you to munch on a wide range of colorful, scrumptious health-giving, disease-busting, weight loss-promoting foods, while allowing your digestive system to transition off the overly cooked, processed foods you may be consuming. You can choose from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks or foods from the Rainbow Cleanse foods list and can expect to start reaping the weight loss, pH balancing, detox, energy, and disease-busting benefits during this phase.

During the Rainbow Rev-Up, you are encouraged to consume only the Rainbow Cleanse foods, recipes, and juices on days 1-3. On day 4 you only consume the Rainbow Cleanse juices and then resume the foods and juices on days 5-7. This one-day juice fast in the middle of the week gives the digestive system a rest and helps with the transitioning. After seven days on the Rainbow Rev-up, you can then completely shift to the full-on, seven-day, all-juice Rainbow Juice Cleanse, or you can choose to stay in this healthy Rainbow Rev-up phase permanently.

The 7-Day Rainbow Juice Cleanse

During the Rainbow Juice Cleanse, you will be consuming only phytonutrient-loaded, low-glycemic Rainbow Cleanse juices for seven days, and you will reap the rewards! You are encouraged to first consume only Rainbow Cleanse foods and recipes four days prior to beginning this phase (and four days after) to allow the digestive system to transition away from cooked and/or processed foods. The Rainbow rewards kick in full-force during this phase, unveiling the pot of gold: detoxing, disease-busting, anti-aging, super energy, and the ultimate in weight loss- achieving your seven pound goal in seven days. If you follow a healthy diet and/or have performed cleanses in the past, jump right into the seven-day Rainbow Juice Cleanse phase.

The Rainbow Juice Cleanse


What people are saying about The Rainbow Juice Cleanse


Mark Hyman, M.D

Bestselling author of The Blood Sugar Solution and The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet

"With so many of today’s chronic diseases being caused by or exacerbated by sugar and most of today’s juicing trends being centered around juicing fruit (sugar), Dr. Ginger makes an important leap in educating her readers about the importance of juicing nutritious vegetables and eating your fruit whole. A must-read for anyone interested in learning how to juice properly with healing, detoxing, and weight loss in mind."


Joel Fuhrman, MD

New York Times bestselling author of Eat to Live

"I love Dr. Ginger’s book. She includes all the healthiest vegetables and herbs to supercharge your health with phytochemicals, and goes easy on the fruit because of the glycemic response."


Kim Barnouin

New York Times bestselling co-author of Skinny Bitch

"The Rainbow Juice Cleanse is one of the best books of its kind and will change the way you juice. Dr. Ginger shows you how to incorporate juicing into your life the right way in this all-encompassing book. It’s a must-have for anyone who cares about changing their health."


JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS

Celebrity nutrition and fitness expert, and New York Times bestselling author of JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet

"In The Rainbow Juice Cleanse, Dr. Ginger provides fabulous, easy-to-make, low-sugar impact juice recipes that are colorful, flavorful, fat-burning, and best of all—delicious. If you love juicing without the sugar overload, you’ve got to own this book."


Vani Hari

Activist, founder of, and author of The Food Babe Way

"The Rainbow Juice Cleanse provides a path to a life free of sugar addiction and unhealthy eating habits. Following this seven-day juice cleanse will give you access to more energy, clearer skin, a slimmer waistline, and the tools you need to continue discovering your healthiest self."


Jose Antonio

PhD, FNSCA, FACSM, FISSN, CEO and co-founder of the International Society of Sports Nutrition

"Finally, a juicing book done right! Dr. Ginger’s Rainbow Juice Cleanse is spot-on in unveiling the benefits of juicing vegetables. The data on consuming juice derived from veggies is on the money vis a vis health support."


Taylor Armstrong

New York Times bestselling author of Hiding from Reality and star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

"The Rainbow Juice Cleanse is an easy-to-understand guide to the vast health benefits of juicing. I am always looking for new recipe ideas for my daily dose of veggies, and Dr. Ginger’s recipes are both nutritious and delicious."


Tess Masters

Author of The Blender Girl

"Dr. Ginger’s rainbow approach to juice cleansing is so unique and comprehensive. She offers accessible information and delicious recipes that will help you reclaim your health and have fun!"


Danielle Omar

MS, RDN, author of Skinny Juices

"The Rainbow Juice Cleanse is a revolutionary program that utilizes the incredible benefits of phytonutrients to support weight loss and detox and is an important book in today’s unhealthy Standard American Diet world."


Brian Clement

PhD, NMD, LN, international speaker, author, and co-director of the Hippocrates Health Institute

"Today’s confusing field of nutrition can paralyze a health seeker’s progress. Dr. Ginger’s Rainbow Juice Cleanse will clarify, guide, and comprehensively lead the reader into maximum health and happiness."


Robert M. Goldman

MD, PhD, DO, FAASP, co-founder and chairman of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

"While most eat their way to premature aging with processed fast food, Dr. Ginger shows us it is possible to control much of your own aging in The Rainbow Juice Cleanse. If you want great skin, a lean body, and longevity consider this book your repair kit."


Robert Cheeke

Bestselling author of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness and Shred It!

"With lots of detailed information and tasty recipes, along with beautiful photos, Dr. Ginger shows you how to achieve your highest level of health by eating the colors of the rainbow."


Andrea Donsky, RHN

Author of Unjunk Your Junk Food and radio host of Naturally Savvy Radio on

"If you’ve ever had any doubts about the benefits of juicing, they’ll disappear after reading this book! The Rainbow Juice Cleanse goes into detail about why, what, and how we should juice, and explains the importance of eating our fruit and drinking our veggies. It’s my new go-to bible for all things juicing-related."


Ray D. Strand, MD

Bestselling author of Healthy for Life and What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You

"The most potent drugs my patients can take are the foods they choose to consume. Dr. Ginger gives you great insight into the healing you can receive from The Rainbow Juice Cleanse."


Kevin Sorbo

Actor, producer, director, author, and advocate

"Dr. Ginger is the real deal! If she can make Hercules look like Hercules again, then she is the real superhero! The doctor is definitely in!"


Seth Leitman

“The Green Living Guy” and author of the bestselling Green Guru Guides

"Since I’ve known Dr. Ginger, there have been more changes in me than one could ever imagine. The Rainbow Juice Cleanse started a new way of life for me. Try it out. It works. It transformed my way of thinking. I know it will do the same for you. Now I’m living all aspects of green living."


Lisa Davis

MPH Creator, Host, & Producer of It's Your Health Network heard on NPR & commercial radio Producer and Co-Host of Naturally Savvy & Beauty Inside Out heard on RadioMD and on iHeart Radio Talk, TuneIn, Stitcher, iTunes, UberRadio, and TalkStreamLive.

"As the creator, host and producer of several health radio and television programs I have received hundreds of books on healthy living. I am all about helping listeners and viewers switch to a whole foods diet and I get so excited when I get read a book that makes my job easier!  Dr. Ginger's book does that and so much more!  Dr. Ginger's book is full of easy to understand charts (I especially love how she lists phytonutrients, benefits, and foods they are found in for each color of the rainbow), recipes, great info about what sugar does to your body and much, much more! This is an incredible resource to help you live and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.  Do you and your health a favor and get this book."


John St. Augustine

Talk radio host and author of Every Moment Matters

"For most of us ‘going green’ is about the planet, but Dr. Ginger takes that concept to another level in this stunning book that can help you design a cleaner environment for your body and create a ripple effect of vibrant health."


David Limbaugh

New York Times bestselling author and author of Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel

"A thought-provoking, new twist on juicing and an important read for anyone looking to transition off of sugar-laden juices and foods. If you aspire to take the next step in your health and longevity, you will treasure Dr. Ginger’s Rainbow Juice Cleanse."


Bob Choat

America's #1 Mind-Body Transformation Expert and Author of Mind Your Own Fitness

"Dr. Ginger certainly showcases her title as the "Queen of Juicing" in this book, but more importantly is that she explains the dangers of processed sugars in layman's terms. I love her rainbow juice recipes that are sure to quench the need for sugar and help lead each of us to a healthier life."


Lori Shemek

PhD, CNC, author of Fire-Up Your Fat Burn!

"The Rainbow Juice Cleanse is your tool kit to optimal health and weight loss that is based on a satisfying, healthful and cleansing combination of nature’s colorful treasures. If you care about your state of health, this book will be a valuable resource for you."


Ward W. Bond

PhD, TV Host of Think Natural

"I’m a huge fan of Dr. Ginger’s work and I highly respect her knowledge and practical natural health know-how when it comes to juicing and promoting the whole food lifestyle. Her Rainbow Juice Cleanse is what everyone needs achieve optimum health and healing."


Robert G. Allen

New York Times bestselling author of Creating Wealth, Nothing Down, and Multiple Streams of Income and co-author of The One-Minute Millionaire

"You’ll find a REAL pot of gold at the end of this rainbow book. Fabulous ideas, simply explained.  Seven colors.  Seven days. Seven pounds. Brilliant."


Raleigh Duncan

D.C., founder and CEO of Clearlight Sauna

"Prepare to be amazed at the results that come from following Dr. Ginger’s simple and sensible guide to better health—the rainbow way! Who knew it was so easy?"


Ty M. Bollinger

Author of Cancer-Step Outside the Box, founder of and

"It's time to cleanse your cerebral cortex and fill it up with life changing knowledge! The Rainbow Juice Cleanse is a radiantly rich, vividly vibrant book that will excite your intellect as you learn about topics such as the immune system, phytonutrients, alkalinity, the glycemic index, and detoxification, just to name a few.  In this strikingly colorful book, Dr. Ginger has done an amazing job of educating the reader about the importance of counting colors and not calories, while providing specific recipes made from foods representing every color of the rainbow. Who knows, after you read this book, you might realize that there truly is a “pot of gold” at the end of every rainbow."


Deanna Latson

MA, CCN, Founder and Chief Product Officer, Ariix

"We live in an increasingly toxic world, constantly struggling with stress, unhealthy lifestyles and processed artificial foods that do more harm than good. Dr. Ginger’s book is one of the best I’ve read that illuminates the power of nature’s nutritional rainbow and its potential for bringing our bodies back into balance. Thanks to her, we can eat the rainbow, transform our health, and enjoy it every step of the way!"


Jack Barnathan

DC, Founder

"I'm always excited to learn new innovations in nutrition from Dr. Ginger. I know few people who can inspire so very many, while introducing new insights and strategies for achieving nutritional success.  The Rainbow Juice Cleanse is a one-of-a-kind in showing her commitment to innovation and supporting those she serves."


Michael Alden

Bestselling author and CEO of Blue Vase Marketing.

"As an advocate of juicing and cleansing I love the flexibility with The Rainbow Juice Cleanse. The Rev-up phase, makes it an easy transition to the full 7-day juice cleanse. Anyone who wants to be healthier and more vibrant will benefit from The Rainbow Juice Cleanse."


Kevin Gilbert

MD, FACP, Former Chief of Staff at St. Mary’s Hospital, West Palm Beach, FL

"An essential ingredient for anyone looking to attain a healthier life. From the new juicer to the expert, Dr. Ginger shows us how to obtain the most from our veggies. Not only will I be recommending The Rainbow Juice Cleanse to all my patients, I will have a copy in the waiting room. It's a must for anyone seeking a healthier life through better nutrition."


Peter A. Cervoni

Plant-Based Natural Foods Chef

"Well, the cat is out of the bag: Dr. Ginger has just given up all the secrets to her vibrant energy and natural beauty! The Rainbow Juice Cleanse is packed from cover-to-cover with amazing recipes which will prove the fact that you are what you eat and that beauty really starts from the inside."


Kirksak Jay Poonkasem

MD, FAAFP, LMT Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Hospice & Palliative Medicine, & Medical Acupuncture

"Juicing vegetables quickly gives your body the raw phytonutrients needed to function optimally. Dr. Ginger masterfully presents a complex topic in a simple and colorful way that is easily understood by all. The delicious recipes will make you want to start juicing right away!"


Alex Niles

Founder of CureWear, NY Times, Huffington Post, and Psychology Today contributor

"I've incorporated a plant-based diet into my lifestyle, which includes a heavy emphasis on vegetable juicing as frequently as possible. Not only does that approach make me feel incredibly vibrant, it has helped me navigate the treacherous waters of a Stage IV cancer diagnosis. The Rainbow Juice Cleanse is a welcomed addition to my new health protocol."


Terry Lyles PhD

“The Stress Doctor”

"Dr. Ginger is one of the healthiest people I know and juicing has always been her secret to living younger longer.  Now everyone can experience this simple but profound truth that can easily be duplicated with the tips in her new book, The Rainbow Juice Cleanse!"


Paul Nison

Raw Food Chef and author of Raw Life: Becoming Natural in an Unnatural World

"This book goes beyond just juicing. It contains great wisdom and the recipes are delicious. I believe if everyone followed the advice in Dr. Ginger’s book, the rates of disease would decline quickly! This book belongs in every kitchen."


Deleon Best L.Ac.

Best Acupuncture, Cornelius, NC

"In a world where people are searching for the ‘next big thing’ to improve their health, Dr. Ginger brings it back to the basics, reminding us all to apply what Hippocrates said thousands of years ago, ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be they food."


Chef Nelda Vazquez

MS Holistic Nutrition

"As we wade through our personal world of toxins, Dr. Ginger has written The Rainbow Juice Cleanse, a ground breaking achievement ------ a clear and simple guide giving us the opportunity to cleanse, purify, rejuvenate, and rebuild our health back to where it should be."


“Doc Rob,” Dr Rob Streisfeld

Naturopathic Doctor and Gourmet Natural Food Chef. 

"Whether just getting started, or a healthy food veteran, The Rainbow Juice Cleanse provides a full spectrum of information and flavorful delights. Dr Ginger’s passion to promote health radiates brightly on each page!"


Debbie Gibbs Miller

Mrs. North Carolina U.S. 2011

"As an esthetician, pageant coach, and a former beauty queen, I recommend The Rainbow Juice Cleanse to my clients who are looking for a healthy way to help them lose weight, flatten their tummies and give them natural, glowing skin- fast! This is my pageant-ready go-to book!"


Leilani Munter

Racecar driver, environmentalist and Discovery Channel’s #1 Eco Athlete in the World

"The Rainbow Juice Cleanse makes juicing simple and beautiful. Seven days of rainbow colors and your body will thank you! A plant-based diet combined with juicing has changed my life, it can change yours too."


Tim George

Jr. Chef, Sustainable Farmer, NASCAR Driver

"From breaking down the types of sugar to great detox recipes, The Rainbow Juice Cleanse is a great way to restore equilibrium utilizing veggies."

About The Author

A brief bio of Dr. Ginger

After graduating from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and going on to earn her doctorate degree at New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Ginger has specialized in helping to educate others to heal with a 3-pronged approach: 1. The Mind-Body Connection 2. Super-Nutrition 3. Detoxification.

Dr. Ginger is an author, wellness consultant and consumer health advocate. She has appeared as a TV medical correspondent, has taught at the world renown Hippocrates Health Institute, helped to develop the first policy for the “Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity & Health for Women,” and has worked for business tycoons, Donald Trump and NASCAR track owner, Bruton Smith.

Dr. Ginger, an authority on workplace wellness, is bucking the old system of "disease management" and is blazing a new trail with her "disease reversal" and “detox the body” approach to wellness, with her “Fat Funeral Detox” and her “7-Day Online Fat Funeral Detox Nutrition Bootcamp” programs, and assisting individuals, groups, and corporations with their health challenges and inspiring radical behavioral changes that translates into both lives and dollars saved.

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